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Selected Talks

I've been places...
Selected Talks

Social Science Foo Camp

Facebook, Palo Alto CA, 2020

Gender Equality in Social Data Science

Sage Ocean Panel Discussion, RocketSpace London, United Kingdom 2019

Encrypting Human Rights: The intertwining of voices in the UK state surveillance debate

International Conference in Ideology and Discourse Analysis 2019, Colchester, United Kingdom, 2019

What can Data Scientists Learn from Social Scientists?

Interdisciplinary Alchemy: Data Science + Social Science, London, United Kingdom, 2018

The Uber Game: Exploring the User/Algorithm Relationship through new Computational Methods

Digital Cultures: Knowledge | Culture | Technology, L√ľneburg, Germany, 21/9/2018

Computational Social Science : Invited presentation

National Centre for Research Methods Festival, Bath, United Kingdom, 2018

The Uber Game: Exploring Algorithmic Managment and Resistance Networked Publics

Association of Internet Researchers (AOIR) Annual Conference, Tartu, Estonia, 2017

'The Materiality of Digital Media'

Association of Internet Researchers (AOIR) Annual Conference (IR16), Phoenix, AZ, United States, 2015

'Music Mashups: Creative Consumption and Cultures of Constant Reference',

'Creating Cultures', Kings College London, United Kingdom, 2014

'Competing with Free: Lessons from the History of Digital Distribution',

'Online Cultural Consumers and Museums Symposium'. Kings College London, United Kingdom, 2013

Internet Archives & Documentary Analysis,

A Decade in Internet Time: Symposium on the Dynamics of the Internet and Society. The Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, 2011

Photo by Victoria Carr, founder of Researc/hers who code